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We are a Mobile Based Value Added Digital Service Provider company

About Us

Purple Digit Communication Ltd. is providing lively & adaptable mobile based Value Added Service (VAS) and Digital Services to Telecommunication companies by integrating technology and innovation on a global scale.
Our Vision:
At Purple Digit Communication Ltd. our vision is to create a better tech filled everyday life for people & provide a versatile range of well-designed, functional & culture uplifting Value Added Services and digital service solutions to Telecommunication companies.
Our Mission:
Purple Digit Communication Ltd. desires in committing with all the leading local/global telecom service providers by assisting them in generating and maintaining an innovative, steadfast and worthy value addition services.


Our Services

We are currently delivering SMS, WAP, IVR, APP, USSD, RBT etc. based quality services in/through the vast and ever booming Telecommunication service based market.
Our Content Platforms are underlined as follows:

Service delivery channels used are SMS, USSD, IVR, RBT, WAP, APP etc.


Types of digital content:

Purple Digit Communication Ltd. desires to revolutionize the world of conveying entertainment, education, emergency services, medical services, and lifestyle impacted through PDCL's digital database content store and wishes to uphold the following banks of daily life entertainment:

  • Video – Types of video content include home videos, music videos, TV shows, and movies, racing, travelers etc.
  • Software – Types of software content includes versatile range of Android/iOS/Symbian/Windows mobile based applications, games & other software development as per necessity.
  • Audio – Music is the most common form of audio. There are several platforms which has emerged as a popular way for people to listen to music either over the Internet or from their computer desktop. Digital content in the form of music is also available from our end which allow listeners to listen to music online/ downloadable.
  • Images – Photo and image involvement is another example of digital content. Popular sites used for this type of digital content includes.

Additional Informations

Connecting Bangladeshi Culture to the world:

Bangladesh has a rich, diverse culture. Its deeply rooted heritage is thoroughly reflected in its architecture, dance, literature, music, painting and clothing. For those living in the country, he enjoys these features thoroughly and has an intense sense of inner satisfaction. We Purple Digit Communication Ltd. believe in upholding the cultural portion of Bangladesh in terms of digital content to people not only in Bangladesh but to people living all over the globe. As a result, we may all be connected in an intangible platform on from our roots. We wish to achieve this by providing contents through easily & cost-effectively accessible SMS, WAP, IVR and Application/Digital Services etc.

Content Acquisition

We are acquiring videos, audios, games etc. based contents for showcasing them on our WAP portals and even in other platforms based digital services.
Currently we are in partnership with various National & International vendors who are providing us with contents in the genre such as:

Hollywood Horror Funny Kids Zone
Music Sports Prank Health
News Education Management Crash



Purple Digit Communication Ltd. is willing to do partnership with service providers globally who are willing to launch their service in Bangladesh w.r.t the genre of digital services. In addition, we are also looking forward for local service partners gloabally for integrating our services onto Telco's via the local partners channel.


Contact Us

Visit us at:
House-8,Road-13, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209
Cell: +8801787798382
e-mail: info@purpledigit.com